The creation of Greta…

The sketch. I took the Alabama Chanin tee-shirt pattern that I have used and loved for so long and made a sleeveless funnel-neck top. Named for a stunningly gorgeous woman I saw in the restaurant where I work. She wore a similar garment.

The first mock up. I use bed sheets for prototypes (new or old) this black Jersey was cut from a king sized sheet set from Walmart. That material is lasting a LONG time!

The cut. Since I ultimately want to wear this shirt in silver sequins I needed another prototype, Jersey stretches slightly more than the sequined fabric. I didn’t have enough of one color to make an entire garment so I mixed them up.

Sewn on sequins need to be secured. I use clear nail polish on all edges. I also will hand top-stitch the seams down to further protect the integrity. The blue sequined t-shirt I made this way has held up to the test of time, washing machine and dryer.

Basting and sizing.

The fitting. Now it is time to take it back apart to adjust the paper pattern and make the final product. I will also finish the prototypes, I have something special in mind for all my black Jersey bed sheet pieces.

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